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About MZ




I've been programming professionally for a while. I started at Kodak, where I wrote their first emulsion-creation software while in high school. I've programmed in

  • Actionscript
  • Assembly
  • Algol
  • APL
  • Basic
  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Flex
  • Fortran
  • Forth
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Php
  • PL/1
  • Python

I'm strongest at C++ but prefer C# and WPF. For IDE's I'll take either Eclipse or Visual Studio. My first 'real' computer was an Exidy Sorceror with tape. I've programmed on IBM and CDC miniframes, mainframes, DEC minis, PCs, and embedded processors running Windows, Linux, OS/2, DOS, OS360, AIX, RT86, OSX, Android, and Windows RT.


I'm a huge believer in object-oriented programming and agile processes (particularly scrum). I've worked in companies from 1 person (me) to thousands (Dell, Agilent, Xerox, Ziff-Davis) but prefer about 10-200. That's a size small enough for everyone to carry responsibility and for things to get done efficiently.


IT and Computers

As an engineer I once designed a product using the 4004 (a 4 bit processor before the 8008). I've built my own computers since then except laptops and tablets. We currently have about a dozen in the house, running flavors of Windows (Server2003, 7, 8, 10) as well as a Mac and a few random Linux boxes. The house is full Cat-5+ and wireless and runs gigabit comfortably. There are also things like active speakers driven by Raspberry Pis as well as thermistors monitored by Particle Photons (both use custom pc boards that i designed/built).

I've created and maintained sites and forums and stores in Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, and RedHat Linux. Most of my sites today run on Linux because it's easier to get the hosting. Personally I prefer Server2012 if I have to maintain an office network since I prefer the admin, especially of client computers.

At Eagleware I architected/managed a large store, an active forum, an internal VOIP network, and an external VPN/SSL network for the salespeople. Servers were all in-house.