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Some random photos I had lying around. All animals/bugs were taken in the wild. Click an image for a larger view. A few images were rotated for straightness or fill/shadow was adjusted. Many are cropped and all are lossy-compressed/resized (so the original is a lot sharper).

See here for butterflies.

See here for landscapes

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pic br santafe
A HornWorm Tomato Caterpillar A RobberFly Santa Fe Plaza as covid starts
pic br glacier
Paris, France near the gardens Black Rock Mountain view, Georgia Glacier National Park Lake view
cemetery sienaA ftower
American soldiers cemetery in Italy Abbey of Saint Antimo in Italy Steeple in Florence
tents great wall gardens
Camping in Glacier National Park The Great Wall of China Botanical garden on Kauai
flower img mantis
  Charleston SC ocean view a praying mantis. he jumped on my camera.
crown fdoor recluce
Imperial Crown of the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644), Beijing Museum Florence Italy church door panel Brown recluce on my front steps
wall spiderA wasp
spider on paper spider on window yech
temple caterpillar
China Temple Caterpillar on stone walk Paris France view of Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile
mao mexico
The Graslei in Gent Belgium A hanging on the wall at the Ming Tombs near Beijing in China Mexico scene in Cozumel
niagara zion pueblo
Niagara Falls from Canada Zion National Park. You'll never see this view unless you're a hiker or climber. Pueblo New Mexico
siena birds smr
Siena Italy Bird Rock in Alaska. The smell is unbelievable. Summer Palace in Beijing China
bath gecko fox
In the square in Siena, Italy Iguana sunning in Mexico Fox in the Tetons early